Subcontracting Portugal AIMA immigration processes to private lawyers

@cj807 broke the story of AIMA subcontracting work to Order of Solicitors and Enforcement Agents (OSAE) .

I figured this warranted a separate thread.

There is more information here but the link is currently broken:


It’s hard to tell from the announcement what this actually means. Will be interesting to see.

Link works here, in case it’s useful, here’s a copy paste of the google translate

A cooperation protocol between OSAE and the Agency for Integration, Migrations and Asylum (AIMA ) was signed today, at the headquarters of the Order of Solicitors and Execution Agents (OSAE), in Lisbon .

This protocol provides that OSAE can support AIMA:

  • in the investigation of processes for granting extensions of stay, residence permits and renewals of residence permits, including the analysis of the supporting information collected, the promotion of the prior hearing and the preparation of the competent proposal for an administrative decision;
  • in the initiation of voluntary or coercive removal processes;
  • in training and the exchange of knowledge and experiences, particularly in specific training programs in the areas of migration.

The President of OSAE, Paulo Teixeira , and the Member of AIMA, Sónia Pereira , were present at this session .


My attorney sent me this email update today.

There has been nonetheless the signing of a historic collaboration protocol between the Lawyers and Solicitors Bar Associations and AIMA. This significant agreement, finalized yesterday, paves the way for solicitors and lawyers to temporarily assess pending cases, thereby easing AIMA’s bureaucratic workload. Notably, this collaboration extends to processes related to granting residence with investment, including the golden visa.

This partnership signifies a pivotal moment in our ongoing efforts to address the backlog inherited from SEF and modernize legal processes. It underscores our unwavering advocacy and validates prior announcements regarding the government’s proactive stance on tackling the backlog.

Part of a larger initiative aimed at resolving the backlog, this collaboration represents a forward-thinking approach to managing immigration files, aligning with our advocacy alongside the government. While specific details of the agreement are still unfolding, its existence underscores our collective commitment to driving meaningful change and enhancing legal proceedings’ efficiency.

This announcement holds great promise for our clients, reflecting both the Government and AIMA’s dedication to alleviating the backlog and enhancing legal services. By leveraging technology and legal expertise, we anticipate significant progress in expediting processes, enhancing transparency, and delivering superior outcomes.

We shall in your case specifically send another email and letter to AIMA.