Sun House Comporta / Athena Advisors

Is anyone invested in or considering investing in the Sun House Comporta project being syndicated by Athena Advisors (and others I imagine)? Has anyone worked with Athena?

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I strongly considered Sun House and likely would have gone that route, but the last upstairs two bedroom unit (with pool option) had sold by the time I made that decision. Arish is the developer of that property, I believe. I am not familiar with Athena.

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Hello. Yes we invested in Sun House Comporta project by Arish company for GV purposes. We applied via our lawyers. We have been told the project is eligible and the company is trustable. As far as I remember they will start the project at the beginning of 2024.

And, I have heard Athena Advisers. One of my friends bought their property in Lisbon via them and they were quite happy with Athenaโ€™s service. We invested in Sun Comporta via Remax.

Thank you! Very interesting and helpful :slight_smile:

Those lagoon units look awesome.