Tenant don’t pay rent. What can be done?

Hi experts,
Anyone could assist with info of legal procedure when tenant don’t pay rent for many months?

What jurisdiction? Almost certainly you need to get a lawyer

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In Portugal.
Any suggestion for affordable lawyer?
In case tenant lost at court case, would tenant have to pay all lawyer and court fees (including all cost incurred by landlord?)

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Hello everyone!
I see the topic and I am in the same situation. I could not find proper answer by review of the all above messages.
Is there any update or suggestion?

Hi Guys!

Sorry I know this is not the right place to ask this question, but since I could not find it somewhere in this website, you may help me to find a solution or way to get out of the situation.

Have anyone of you faced with a tenant who does not pay the rent and at the same time do not vacate the apartment. I asked my lawyer to follow it up, but from March to now, she just sent letters to my tenant and ask him to leave and the tenant simply does not pay attention. Anyone has a solution or similar experience?

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Internet is a wrong place to seek solutions, however you can find the steps required to take in Portuguese:

You should first fire your current lawyer and get a right one to do this job.

Thank you. Do you know any good law firm on that?
Actually my lawyer was very good on GV, but it seems that they have no interest in such a case.

Examine the lease thoroughly and I recommend that you take immediate action according to the lease and tell your lawyer what needs to be done. You are more likely to communicate with your tenant and resolve the issue.

GV = Less time in checking boxes, more money for the lawyer
Tenancy Issues = Actual court time, lots of paperwork and arguments and more work with less money for the lawyer.

Average time for the tribunal to rule a non-payment tenant issue shall be around 6-8 months and the success rate is around 70% only, if your tenant has a baby who is less than 7 years old or dependent on the Social welfare it makes it even harder to obtain a favorable judgement in your favor. You are better off understanding the issues faced by your tenant and getting an amicable solution which works for you both.

Regarding the recommendations, you should not rely online at any cost. Hire someone who has an experience in this field and stays in the same district so that you can avoid costly transit costs.