The Best Black Friday Deals for Nomads and Travelers 🤑

Whatever your thoughts are on Black Friday and Cyber Weekend, one thing is certain: It’s a great time to secure great deals on great products and services.

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Great idea!

I know WPEngine is running a promotion for 35% off your first payment. I assume you can pay yearly to maximize your savings. The coupon is “cyberwpe35”.

For those who don’t know it, WP Engine is a dedicated Wordpress host. If you run any Wordpress websites their excellent service will make your life a lot easier.


Awesome, I know WP Engine. The one Wordpress site I help manage has been running on it for the last 4-5 years. It really takes a lot of pain out of managing Wordpress installations. It’s not cheap though, so any discount is very welcome.

Do you know the dates for this offer?

By the way, even though the Trusted Housesitters offer isn’t supposed to work until the 24th I managed to sign up with it now. It looks like it works for renewals of existing accounts, not just for new ones.

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Here are some of the top VPN deals I’ve seen this year:

  • TunnelBear :bear:- 12 months for $49.88
  • IPVanish :ghost:- 2 years for $69 [Lifetime discount]
  • PIA :old_key:- 3 years for $89.95
  • VyperVPN :snake:- 25% off yearly plans (e.g. $60/year for Premium)
  • ExpressVPN :rocket:- 3 months free on yearly plan (15 months for $99.95)
  • PureVPN :droplet:- 5 years for $79
  • TorGuard :shield:- 2 years for $49, 1 year for $29, 50% off dedicated streaming IP [Lifetime discount] Use the coupon “BlackFriday”
  • NordVPN :mountain_snow:- 3 years for $99 [Lifetime discount]

Number of locations for the mentioned services:
TunnelBear: 20 locations/countries
IPVanish: 82 locations in 50 countries
PIA: 37 locations in 25 countries
VyprVPN: 73 locations in 64 countries
ExpressVPN: 145 locations in 94 countries*
PureVPN: 180 locations in 140 countries*
TorGuard: 73 locations in 50 countries
NordVPN: 61 countries

*Both ExpressVPN and PureVPN (and possibly others) use “virtual servers” in many countries. That means that when connecting to e.g. a server in Cuba, you might in reality connect to a physical server in Frankfurt or elsewhere. You will still get a Cuban IP address and to others on the internet it will look like you’re in Cuba. So while these virtual servers work fine for accessing content in the virtual server location, if you’re trying to connect to the server that’s closest to you (to reduce ping) it’s the physical server location that counts.

The ones marked with [Lifetime discount] will offer to renew at the same price when the time comes.

I’ve done a lot of testing of various VPN services over the years, and all of the mentioned here are decent providers.

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Thanks @cutler! I know you know your VPNs :slight_smile:

Personally I’m on my 4th year with Torguard, and just renewed my subscription for another 2. I tried ExpressVPN in the past as well and really liked it, but Torguard is just so much cheaper and works fine. :money_with_wings:

I’ve seen a lot of airline deals, too! :small_airplane:

Singapore Airlines: Flights from $399 r/t to Hong Kong and Tokyo from the US. Use voucher code “BLACKFRIDAY” on the front page.

Wizz Air: 20% off their already low prices for all flights booked today (Nov 24)

Ryanair: 20% off 5 million tickets, 500K tickets for 10 EUR/GBP. More deals the whole week.

Turkish Airlines offers 40% off the base fare on flights from the US.

Namecheap has a massive Black Friday sale, up to 99% off domains, hosting and other services:


Just taken advantage of that Udemy offer, so thanks for starting this thread!

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Interesting list, thanks for sharing! I really, really like Priority Pass (I have a membership with my Amex), but their landing page seems extremely confusing, since there’s no way to buy or use the discount anyway… I guess they could use some consulting :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that was confusing!

My membership is through my Chase Sapphire Reserve, and it’s really an amazing perk. It’s very nice for those times I’m not flying Star Alliance but still want to escape the crowded terminals :slight_smile:

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Great Thomas! Thanks to start this list!

I would like to add too ProtonVPN, that offers a great discount, and you can combine it with protonmail!

What’s their Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer and how do you get access to it @Ferdinand? I didn’t see it mentioned on their front page.

It was announced on a blogpost.

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Express is good but I found the best Black Friday deal on PureVPN which is 88% for limited time.

Bought PureVPN lifetime subscription in $79 . Cheapest and worth it if you want to unblock Netflix US.

@nickboyle & @Joe_Meow Thanks, I’ll add PureVPN to the list. Although personally I avoid VPN providers that are selling lifetime deals (which they have been doing for a while now, not just for BF). In my mind that’s a sign of desperation, and will likely prove to be an issue for long-term performance.

And as an FYI to others, I did try PureVPN recently as well. It works ok, but it’s IMO far behind NordVPN and ExpressVPN, both in terms of performance and user friendliness of their apps.

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What’s the deal? What’s normal price, and what’s the deal price? @PeriodixNet

I’m a big fan of NordVPN, ExpressVPN and Tunnelbear. Currently using NordVPN right now. I think I love Tunnelbear mostly for the interface. But I really respect NordVPN’s privacy protections.

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