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Hi, I tried the RDI address on the sheet and registered successfully. However, schwab still not allow me to open a checking account ant they said what I use is a “Commercial” address. What should I do now? Should I change to another new address?

Which specific address did you use @kashiki3? Did you look it up using Smarty as described here?

@tkrunning Thanks for providing these resources. When I attempted to sign up for a mailbox in Florida through Anytime Mailbox at one of the locations that you listed in your spreadsheet as appearing as both CMRA (no) and RDI (residential), I was provided with a box number. When I typed the full address with my assigned box number into, it says that “the suite number is not recognized” and RDI (residential). However, when I called Anytime Mailbox, they informed me that each location is operated by a different independent operating company and that each such operator is registered as a CMRA. Do you know if that means that if I use my designated address with an operator that is registered as a CMRA, that my address with my box number would be a CMRA?

I forgot to mention in my note that when I type in the address with my designated box #, it does in fact say CMRA (no), but Anytime Mailbox told me all of the independent operators are registered as CMRA and that using their service for banking purposes may not be acceptable by the banks. Have you or anyone on NomadGate been able to use Anytime Mailbox for banking purposes?

Yes, they all need to be registered as a CMRA. The question is whether the address is flagged as a CMRA in USPS’ database, which seems to be what banks (and other entities) rely on.

And yes, I use one of these addresses personally. No issues with banks which would flag my previous virtual mailbox as a CMRA.

Thanks. Really appreciate all your work.

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Hello Thomas, I just found your website with all these fascinating information… I am about to retire and plan to live in Mexico, I have been an Alabama resident for a long time; I believe my pension and SS benefits can be credited in an account in Mexico; I have a couple of good US credit cards (Chase, Aviator AA, RFCU) and a checking and savings accounts with for years… now, I plan to sell my house so I will need a US (Alabama) address to provide to my long time banking businesses… can you , please, provide your suggestions (IAW the tool you use) on addresses in North Alabama (Madison Co, Limestone Co…)… I do not see how to access the tool… or you can provide me with a link to this tool…

Also, which is the best option for a checking/savings account that I can work with here in the US and in Mexico (international acct?)

Thank you, for all of your advise…

@tkrunning Is this requirement to use a non CMRA address only for creating new bank accounts or also for maintaining existing bank accounts? I’m a little bit confused because I contacted 2 of my US banks (granted though, one of them is a credit union and the other is technically a large international bank with US branches) and they both said that I am allowed to use a virtual mailbox after I move abroad and have no permanent residential address in the US anymore.

It varies from bank to bank. Many require a US residential address on file, which often cannot be a CMRA. Usually, you’ll get an error message when trying to change your residential address to a CMRA. CMRAs are usually fine for mailing addresses, however.

I think it was Bank of America that required me to update my address with them a few years ago when they started doing CMRA checks for existing accounts. I had previously only had a virtual mailbox on file with them, also as my residential address.

But some banks are also fine with you having only a foreign address on file, but that leads to other issues, e.g. with your credit history not being very useful for opening new accounts. Just try applying up for a credit card online with a foreign address…

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