The World's Best Travel Insurance for Long-Term Travelers

Great article. Big help. Thank you very much!

Hello All –

Here’s a nice fun question for anyone who doesn’t have anything better to do, and likes a good challenge :rofl: :grin: Here’s a little about me and the subsequent travel insurance product I’m needing help with.

Many kind regards in advance!!

– I am a “location independent” nomad, mainly based in and around the EU.
– I am from the UK, am a UK citizen, and also have US citizenship based on having lived there for 20 years (up until a few years ago).
– Occasional trips to the USA, where I DO NOT have health insurance.

SafetyWing products look great, BUT they tell me they cannot provide coverage for USA because I am a USA citizen. I told them I don’t live there anymore and would travel there as a UK citizen, but they told me that any claim would be invalid there because I’m a US citizen travelling in the US.

So, does anyone know a good insurance company that will insure a dual citizen holder?

Getting coverage for the rest of the world is easy for me, but being in the US as a US citizen (as I have to enter the country with US passport, so I guess I’m in the system as “American”) is difficult. I only travel to the US for business about 5–7 times a year for about 1–2 weeks at a time, so I’m thinking I should just get temp policy with another insurance company for that?

Any ideas?

True Traveller cannot help me because they say I’ve lived outside of the UK for too long.

Any help is so greatly and gratefully appreciated.

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Very informative article. I contacted SafetyWings right away. However was told they can not cover me as I’m already out of my home country (U.S.A.) in Australia.

Have any of you heard of Seven Corners travel insurance company? Have had them but getting expensive & looking for a change.


I will be watching this space closely. Thank you for the effort on the article. I see that these companies are not quite willing to match the consumer needs now in 2020.
I came here because as I plan my future movements I am seeing Gov policies that have insurance coverage requirements COVID-19 cover So far at least 120,000 USD. I am noticing this in Thailand and also in Dubai and suspect many countries will join the policy. Thats just September for me. For us Nomadic people that are only waiting for the chains to be released from our various lockdowns its going to become an institutional barrier when the insurance companies are all exempting themselves from Covid-19 or general pandemic coverage but the governments will not admit us if we dont have the cover. Hopefully some company steps up with a rational, clear, and fair approach.

I have chosen to use N26 as my primary bank and I am very pleased with them.
I have the metal and therefore the Allienz insurance - however I am not sure if there are restrictions for nomads.
I am in Canada right now and here they have a visitor insurance for around 80 CAD a month which is brilliant :smile:

I am following this topic closely - I hope the perfect solution appears soon :slight_smile:

Aetna International will probably insure you for up to 6 months in the US. They insured me and I’m a US Green Card holder. I don’t think they care if you’re a US citizen.