Timing of Receiving GV Card after Fingerprint with the Current Sitation

Has anyone who has done fingerprint During 2021 or Late 2020 received GV Card ? What do you think the new Timeline is for these who recently did the biometric ?

I join the question. I got the biometric appointment in mid-November, and my Schengen visa expires somewhere in February… I wonder whether there are chances the residence card will be issued and I won’t need a new visa anymore…

I have the exact same case 12 Nov appointment and I am asking for the same reason :slight_smile: Hope to hear from those who have done it.

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I got my fingerprints done end of August and our lawyers insist that the minimum waiting time to get the card is 6 months. They said the fastest case was 5 months, but it was some sort of special/exceptional situation.

@w00zle if you are in Portugal and your visa expires after pre-approval / fingerprints you can stay in the country. You’ll have confirmation on hand. But formally you can’t leave the country.

After completing the Biometric, did you stay in Portugal to wait for your card ? And how long did you have to wait ? I am worried since the Schengen visa only allows 90 days…

my spouse did biometrics at 1st of august 2021 and got approved on 3rd of November and our lawyer received the card 3 weeks later.

my son took much more, in October they asked for an extra no criminal record and it was troublesome to get one at that time. Nevertheless, we uploaded one after a month and he finally got approved on 12th of February.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for answering.
However my main concern is about overstaying 90days schengen visa while awaiting the residence card.

Did you stay in Portugal to wait for the card ?

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Hi Live,
my understanding is that all visas and documents have been automatically extended to June 30 if you have requested a renewal. Check with your lawyer on that. I am not sure what the impact of this law is on those who cannot request a renewal appointment.

My case is the not the renewal, it is the first card. I have just finished my first Biometric appointment and now I am waiting for first card.

I have certainly waited for the final answer from my lawyer. I think he needs to check this matter with his colleagues as well.

If someone here already went thru the same path, it would be very helpful for me

Are you waiting in Portugal for the first card while on a Schengen C visa?

Yes, I entered PT by Schengen visa C. Now I am waiting for my first card

My spouse intends to travel to Pt for his biometrics with a short-stay Schengen C visa. So it seems that we’re able to stay in Portugal beyond the validity of our visa after biometrics are done? The final approval and the production of residence card’s most likely to take longer than the validity of the Schengen visa.

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It’s best to check with your lawyer.
I have checked with mine and the answer is Yes. However, I am still waiting to see how my lawyer applies the extention for my stay…Very curious and nervous somewhat…

We were in PT in Nov-Jan. We entered PT via Frankfurt so our entry stamps were done there. We wanted to stay longer than the allowed 90 days. In January, I called SEF and got through to an agent who advised me that we can stay legally (because of Decree-Law n.º 87-A/2020, 15 October, documents and visas for stay in the national territory which validity are accepted under the same conditions, until march 31st 2022) but we cannot leave Schengen area through another country after we over stay our Schengen visa. If we wanted or needed to go back to the US after our biometrics and before we received our resident cards, we have to leave Schengen area from Portugal.
In the end we didn’t overstay because I couldn’t change our return flight which was leaving Lisbon to Frankfurt to USA.


Thanks wkb. I checked the decree. It seems only to apply before 31 March 2021. It’s not applicable in 2022. Best not to overstay the Schengen visa.


Thanks. We will double check with our lawyer.


Sorry! I copied the wrong decree law. This is the correct one that applied to us at the time:
119-A/2021, visas and permits concerning the stay of foreign nationals in the national territory which have expired after February 2020 are accepted until 31st March 2022.

SEF has added another extension with this Decree-Law No. 23-A/2022.

Documents and visas relating to stay in national territory, the validity of which expires from the date of entry into force of this decree-law or in the 15 days immediately preceding, are accepted, under the same terms, until June 30, 2022.



Thank you very much for your information. Very useful…

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Thank you for the useful information.

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