Timing of Receiving GV Card after Fingerprint with the Current Sitation

Has anyone who has done fingerprint During 2021 or Late 2020 received GV Card ? What do you think the new Timeline is for these who recently did the biometric ?

I join the question. I got the biometric appointment in mid-November, and my Schengen visa expires somewhere in February… I wonder whether there are chances the residence card will be issued and I won’t need a new visa anymore…

I have the exact same case 12 Nov appointment and I am asking for the same reason :slight_smile: Hope to hear from those who have done it.

I got my fingerprints done end of August and our lawyers insist that the minimum waiting time to get the card is 6 months. They said the fastest case was 5 months, but it was some sort of special/exceptional situation.

@w00zle if you are in Portugal and your visa expires after pre-approval / fingerprints you can stay in the country. You’ll have confirmation on hand. But formally you can’t leave the country.