Traveling with ESA (dog) in Mexico

Hi! I am heading to mexico and am wondering anyone else’s experience with having a dog there. I have to take my dog on the plane (not in the cargo) so, I discovered I can do that if I fly MX to MX. I am going from Tijuana Airport. All 3 airlines have different requirements for emotional support animals or animals in general. The cage size restriction is way too small for even my small min pin /jack russel mix… she is taller than 8" for sure. Any experiences you would like to share with airlines or in general. The 1st place we are going is Puerto Escondido. Thanks in advance!

I know I am bumping an old thread. I am sharing my experience here, which I had while visiting there with my lurcher dog. It might help other fellow travellers. There’s no way you can fit your dog in the cabin. In general, there requirement is you can carry your dog and cage if their combined weight is less than 20 lbs. There’s no way it would be less than that unless your dog is a small chihuahua. I flew to LAX to CUN with American Airlines with my lurcher which cost me extra like $150.

You don’t need a health certificate for your dog if you are coming from the U.S. or Canada, but you do need an up-to-date rabies certificate and proof that your dog is on anti-flea medication.

One last advice I would give is you should always keep your dog on a leash, bring plenty of water and food, and avoid feeding your dog anything from the street. You should also research the best places to stay and visit with your dog, as some hotels, restaurants, and attractions may not allow pets or may charge extra fees. It’s better to get a local guide beforehand, which I did from Cancun Private Tours & Local Tour Guides | GoWithGuide as they can help you with in urgencies of vet care and all other stuff.

Puerto Escondido sounds beautiful, I’m sure your pup will love exploring with you. One other thing I wanted to mention - since rules can vary in different parts of Mexico, it might be worthwhile checking guidelines specifically for the state of Oaxaca (where Puerto Escondido is located). The local rules there may provide more clarity for your trip.