Verizon virtual number while travelling

If i have number from Verizon and at&t and i traveling can u get the same virtual number to get call and message?

Let me try to guess what you’re asking. You have a US number from Verizon and/or AT&T, and you want to keep that number while you’re traveling OUTSIDE the US?

Not knowing or understanding what your situation is (and what you are trying to accomplish), these days you can travel around the world with the same number (if you don’t want to go through a pain of getting a SIM card when you land). Both Verizon and AT&T charge USD 10/day for you to “roam like at home” in most countries, which sounds expensive, but not really, if you need the convenience of having the same number (for people to contact you while you’re overseas).

Or if you don’t want to pay that, BUT you plan to be on a WiFi network often, activate WiFi Calling (before you leave the US), then turn on Airplane mode on your phone (but leave WiFi on), and you now have Verizon/AT&T service entirely via WiFi, can make and receive calls (using the same number). In fact the person you call (or the person who calls you) won’t be able to tell you’re overseas (assuming WiFi is good).

If this isn’t remotely what you’re looking for, you can look into Google Voice as well. Calls can be forwarded to any Verizon or AT&T number, text message too (and can be sent/received via email). Or ask the question again (with specifics). Thx!


Only Sprint gives you the power of Google Voice built right into your phone.

You can add your Sprint phone number to Google Voice. When anyone makes phone calls to your Sprint number you’ll receive calls to your Google Voice app in any device connected to internet. Once you set up the Google Voice app in your device you are good to go.