Virtual Office in Germany

Could you please recommend any nice and cheap virtual office in Germany?
All I found was about 60 EUR what’s kind of expensive in my opinion.

Really depends on what you specifically need in a virtual office. Are you actually going to physically work there, or do you just want some registered/legal address you can use for your business (or shell company etc)? Or do you want some place to receive mail (that will auto scan and forward etc)?

60 euros a month may sound steep but it’s all relative to what your intent is.

What I need in the virtual office: Nothing :slight_smile: Really - nothing (no mail scan or forwarding).
I just need to register the business address because that’s the stupid law. I’m a programmer working remotely from home, but I can’t register my home address “as my business address” because the building is “old and it’s architectural memorial only for accommodation”. So, I’m just a simple sole-proprietorship (without shell company). In the Czech Republic, I found offers for 89 CZK/mo = ~3.53 EUR/mo. I was just curious about German option. Thanks @Jim_W

@mju - Ah OK. Yes, sometimes companies charge A LOT because you have a business and they think you have more money than an average customer. The place I have used in the past (Clevver) charges a lot too for ‘Registered Address’ service which is 89,95EUR a month, but their ‘Business Address’ service is only 19,95EUR a month (plus 5,95EUR a month for their basic mail service). If you are looking to incorporate in Germany, you might be stuck paying the higher price, for freelance/sole proprietorship (e.g. so you can put their address on your business card, receive official mail, etc) maybe you can get away with paying the cheaper price.

You can check their website and see:,la - others here may have other tips - but if it doesn’t need to be Germany, you can look at other (cheaper) countries too.

Best of luck!