Visa Processing Duration Questions from Newbie

Hi, guys, I’m a total newbie here so here goes:

My wife and I are retired US citizens who have enough savings to last the rest of our lives and easily provide 5 to $6,000 per month. This excludes Social Security which we will both be eligible for in about five years.

We applied for the D7 to Portugal at VFS 45 days ago. I’ve seen on FB groups that the average and median days for application approval at the DC VFS is around 45 days.

I also saw somewhere that there is “supposed” to be something in their Constitution that there is a limited or set amount of time SEF can take to either approve an application or ask for more information but I haven’t been able to find such online anywhere.

So my questions are:

Is there anything in the Portugal constitution or laws anywhere that there is only so much time SEF can take? Such as a cut-off point? Or can they literally take forever to approve an application if they want to?

How many members here applied through DC and if you are in Portugal now and were approved, how long did it take?

Unless you sue SEF, they can and will take as long as they want / need to, even if the law says otherwise.