Warm places in Europe during winter?


(Jake) #1

Are there any places in Europe that stay reasonably mild during winter? Like at least 10-20 degrees C most days?

Bonus points for hiking or surfing opportunities :ok_hand:t2:

(Thomas K. Running) #2

You might want to check out the Canary Islands. According to a local I met last night, at sea level it’s about 18-22 degrees celcius during the winter months. It gets colder in the mountains, of course. :volcano:

(Jake) #3

Thanks @tkrunning, I didn’t think of the Canaries, but that’s quite obvious. I wonder how much there is to do there and how touristic it is. Does anyone know?

(Dia Joy) #5

Canary Islands is the place to go. Also Cyprus is quite nice and the weather is awesome.

(Alise ) #6

The weather in Athens in fantastic! Lots of hiking opportunities in the mountains around Athens and all around Greece. There are some surfing spots in Greece too, but I really don’t know about the quality. The average temperature in winter is little above 10 degrees even in December and January, but there might be a little snow some evenings. And there’s snow in mountainous areas, so in winter months you can enjoy sunny and warm days in the city and snow in the mountain villages :sunny::evergreen_tree::snowflake:

(Krista) #7

Have you looked into Malta? In the winter when it rains it really pours (November has an average of 108 mm of rain) but it stays between 13-20 throughout it all. Malta also has plenty of hiking/trekking/walking paths. A friend of mine is going to Malta next January to learn how to windsurf (yeah, not the same but maybe worth learning a new skill?).

(Jukka Paunonen) #8

How’s the tech scene in Canaries, Cyprus or Malta? From the forums I read on European south, Lisbon sounds a good spot, also Sofia (Bulgaria), Cluj (Romania) and Toledo (Spain) have good reviews.

(Thomas K. Running) #9

I can’t speak for the Canaries or Cyprus, but in Malta :malta: it’s heavily dominated by the e-gaming industry. It seems that most expats you meet work in either e-gaming :slot_machine:, aviation :small_airplane: or financial services :money_with_wings:.

While e-gaming or banking might not be the tech industries that get you most excited, at least Malta has a highly developed tech scene given it’s tiny size. But it’s definitely no SF, Berlin or London.