Warm places in Europe during winter?


(Jake) #1

Are there any places in Europe that stay reasonably mild during winter? Like at least 10-20 degrees C most days?

Bonus points for hiking or surfing opportunities :ok_hand:t2:

(Thomas K. Running) #2

You might want to check out the Canary Islands. According to a local I met last night, at sea level it’s about 18-22 degrees celcius during the winter months. It gets colder in the mountains, of course. :volcano:

(Jake) #3

Thanks @tkrunning, I didn’t think of the Canaries, but that’s quite obvious. I wonder how much there is to do there and how touristic it is. Does anyone know?

(Gate) #4

I have to add there is no heating inside most buildings in the Mediterranean. Good luck and hi everyone! First post.