One month, one place: southern Italy? Lecce?

Hi nomads,

I am looking into places in southern Italy I can reach with my own car from Austria.

My wife and I consider going there for one month in October.

We spent a good amount of time in Thailand and Bali, now looking for a warm, sunny place to get some creative work done.

We are not nomadic yet, but on the way to it and currently it would be possible for both of us to work fully remote for some weeks.

It’s not too much about other people and connecting as this is currently anyway not suggested.

It’s about a nice city, not too big, nice views and cafes, clean, our own accommodation to cook ourselves. And a save place for the car.

Basically life like at home, only more sunshine and warm temperatures and new surroundings.

Money of course matters as well. If I like two destinations and they are alike, I would pick the cheaper one.

Considered Lecce in Apulia. Has anyone be there? What about the other places in southern Italy?

Any input is very welcome. Thanks.


I think it’s a good idea, although I cannot recommend any specific place. But if you are intending to go in October, you should check the local weather before you book anything. Temps are cool right now and winter is coming. But I hear that there are great places down there. Check also the Covid situation, it seems that southern Italy is a relatively safe place.