What are your favorite banks and bank-like services around the world? 💸

(Gustaf) #12

Neat.hk is a new service that seems very promising.

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(John) #16

Hello all,
I use PaySera for almost 1 year.
Cheap and until now no problems. (except for bigger payments they want proof for the reason why…)
Best regards,

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(anonymous4) #17

I have just been accepted for Neat.hk business account and waiting for them them to open my accounts :v:

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(Liane Abreu) #18

Hi all, there is Ferratum Bank, where you can open different currency accounts. They are based in Malta. I opened an account a couple of weeks ago. In the same account, I have an Euro and a SEK separated account.

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(Thomas K. Running) #19

Yes, Ferratum is worthy of a mention. Although they are headquartered in Finland :finland:, not Malta :malta:. But are the IBANs provided Maltese?

What was the account opening process like? All online? What did you need to supply?


(Liane Abreu) #20

I did not know they’re Finish based, however the accounts are Maltese.
It was really simple and online, the ID verification was via video call. They only odd thing was that I had to open a Spanish account, instead a Swedish, because of my nationality. But the card is being sent to my home address in Sweden.
I will go to US next week, so I will add an USD account and see how it works.

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(Krista) #21

Have to agree with the other americans in the room. Charles Schwab is great. No ATm fees has saved me so much money while traveling. Not to mention I’ve had nothing but good experiences with their customer service team while abroad. The benefits aren’t bad either! Finding a finance company/bank that’s understanding about different currencies and systems is a rare thing in my experience!


(Tak) #22

Banks in Hawaii、bank of hawaii, first hawaian bank, and central pacific bank, send you credit/ debit card internationally. Central pacific bank discounts foreign ATM fee、if you apply. Although you have to go to Hawaii or Polinecia、Gum branch once you open account.
Inter active brokers llc accepts both ACH and SEPTA, and if you stay or have address in the US, you have master card.


(Marita ) #23

Hi do they have a limit or max in transfers, in or out?


(Thomas K. Running) #24

If you’re referring to Ferratum, no they shouldn’t have any transfer limits. Like any bank they could ask for additional documentation before executing large and/or otherwise suspicious transfers.

They do have some card spend limits, however:

Daily ATM withdraws 1,000€
Daily card purchases 3,000€
Daily online use 3,000€
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(anon9732570) #25

I am holding a Canadian passport but without a Canadian address, lives mostly outside of Canada.

I have checked most of sites you recommended, but looks like I can not open an account with any one of them. (maybe only Leopay is possible).


(anon9732570) #26

How about Paypal, looks like it is widely accepted at online shopping sites. How about opening an account without residency proof.


(Thomas K. Running) #27

As a Canadian citizen you don’t need residency proof to open an N26 account either. For more details, see here. But you will need a (temporary) address in Europe to receive the card.

Regarding Paypal, they have insane fees and once you use your account for a bit they can become quite annoying with requesting proof or residency and other things. So I wouldn’t recommend using them more than necessary.


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(akwese) #28

Hi guys! Has anyone tried Azlo before? It’s a new startup out of California made by/for solo entrepreneurs/ nomads, etc. and suppose to take the hassle out of everything by straight forward no fees checking. I did a bit of research and decided to give it a try and signed up however it took the one month to get back to me with an email saying I was not approved, immediately followed by another email saying, sorry you have been approved. Made me a bit skeptical and am just curious if anyone here has experience with them or not. Thy just opened February 2018. Thanks!


(Duncan) #30

As an alternative, has anyone experience with TorFX? A rep called our home
this evening, explaining details. It’s not a bank per se, but a trading platform that offers money
transfer functions at effectively low to no cost. Based in the UK, with some big clients, and in business 10 years. 60 currencies, doesn’t matter where you’re a resident.
Link: https://www.torfx.com

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(Duncan) #31

BRED Espace huge French caisse d’epargne worth a look, with subsidiaries, affiliates all over the Francophone world, Asia.

ANYTIME, similar to Bunq, and again from France.

Imagin Bank for Europe+ from Basque, Spain

WorldCore, out of the Czech Republic, & with some Crypto

VIABUY - an interesting ‘prepaid’ MasterCard w/ IBAN, not a bank, but partly similar

SWIRL, similar to Viabuy, but out of Ireland

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(Tak) #32

TWB starts charging for transfer.

" We’re adding a small fixed fee of around 0.80 € to send money.

From 1st December, there will be a small fixed fee to send money from your borderless account, to another bank account.

The total fee will depend on whether you’re sending from one currency to another, or transfering money in a single currency. Here’s how that works:

To send money from one currency to another, you’ll pay the usual conversion fee, plus the small, fixed fee.
For instance, if you’re sending money from your GBP balance to a bank account in EUR, you’ll pay the 0.35% conversion fee, plus 0.80 €. The fixed fee varies by currency, you can find the full list here.

To send money in one currency you’ll only pay the small, fixed fee.
For instance, if you’re sending money from your EUR balance to a bank account in EUR, you’ll only pay 0.80 €."


(RG) #33

Leopay sent out mass account closings today. Business and individual accounts from HK, Vietnam, Serbia, Russia were shut down effective immediately.

Please be informed that LeoPay customer acceptance policy has been changed and your country of residence is no longer accepted by the platform.

In this regard your account(s) is being terminated and your available balance(s) should be redeemed without delay and no later than 2 months.

Please provide us with your recent copy of ID Card/International Passport and a bank account on your name where the funds could be transferred.

Please be notified on changes of our tariff. Following to expire of the above 2 months a monthly administrative fee of 200.00 EUR per account shall automatically apply.

For additional clarifications please contact us on hello@leopay.eu

The only option for SEPA business accounts for offshore-ish entities outside EU might be Paysera.

Another option which is painful, yet way more reliable: Bitcoin

The biggest advantage: Nobody can EVER EVER EVER close your account. Period. It’s non confiscatable and censorship resistant.

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(achab) #34


I am looking for a TransferWise alternative after they decided to close my account. In details I need an USD account (even only it) under my name: which are the options?


(Ekami) #35

I think you can add https://www.chimebank.com/ for the US :slight_smile: