What do I have to do after my ARI is issued

I have been issued my golden visa. It took just under a year from application to card issuance. Now that I have the visa, what do I need to do from a tax point of view, municipal tax, income tax, social security etc, so that all is in order when I come to re-apply in the future. I would like to keep my affairs in order from the start and not be in a wild panic when it come to renewal time.
Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Hi Andrew, municipal tax (IMI) registered letter would be sent to your registered address that you used when you registered for your NIF (Income Tax number) its also loaded on your profile on the Financas portal , depending on the value of the property its payable annually, bi annually or three times a year. Income Tax needs to be submitted annually and social security would not apply unless you have employment/ self employment income in Portugal.
You can contact us at Duncan MacGregor accounting www.accounting4portugal.com if you need any further assistance with your tax affairs.