What happens to your name in electrical roll in UK address,if you leave country to somewhere else?

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I was wondering what happens to my name on electrical roll while I left UK? I applied a bank with my EU address(non UK), but they told me we have different address for you {maybe by search in credit check or …} So this mean I can’t use my EU address to open a bank account in UK anymore? How can I fix or trick this?

If open an account with eu address, is this go inside my credit history in UK?

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I was registered to vote at my parents’ address in the UK from 2013-2016 while I was travelling. In late 2016, after the referendum, I received a letter simply stating that the council had reason to believe that I was no longer living at that address and therefore my name had been removed from the electoral register.

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hiya @pbm

what would happens if you applied for a bank account in UK while using your abroad address (with or without any proof of address) in between 2013-16 ? Does the banks would had accepting this?
Also may I ask what the law may says about this? is this legal or we should inform electoral roll to change my address to abroad? is this possible at all?
What happens to your driving licence, as its should be on your last address(probably electoral roll one), in UK, as the DV-LA doesn’t update the address to abroad? Do we lose our UK driving licence if we don’t live in UK? for how long?

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A good UK bank account requires a UK address, but there are options: https://transferwise.com/gb/blog/how-to-open-a-bank-account-in-uk

The electoral register is optional. It doesn’t require any proof of address so banks won’t accept it. You are normally sent a letter each year asking if the current register is accurate or needs to be updated. The electoral register accepts addresses abroad only if you are a British Citizen: https://www.gov.uk/voting-when-abroad

You don’t have to change your driving licence UK address when you are abroad: https://www.gov.uk/change-address-driving-licence