Are there debit/credit cards or virtual cards available for Non-US/non-EUR citizens?

I live in Suriname, have the Surinamese nationality and my Dutch credit card got canceled because I live in Suriname. :frowning: . Local debit/credit cards are ridiculously expensive. I have a Transferwise account, but they don’t offer credit cards in my country yet.

Are there companies that do provide affordable international debit/credit/ virtual cards in my case?

You can try to open a dutch account on TW if you still have an address /resident there as you said you used a dutch card.Apply for a TW card and mail it to Suriname.Works for all atms that work with mastercard globally.Or contact TW support and ask for a solution.

Thank you for your answer :pray: I don’t have residency in the Netherlands. I kept my card when moving to Su. And after some years they cancelled it. I asked Transferwise to have it sent to a relative, but they wouldn’t allow it. :disappointed:

Of course not,my bank account is same adress like my mothers,it worked for me.
You can try to register with a forex broker account who offers credit cards to withdraw directly.
There are lists/reviews online about the most brokers in the industry where you can search with different criteria like currency,c card etc.
Like always,more safety/licensed brokerage for your money means more expenses in fees,there are all kinds of different promotions going on always with the goal to deposit money ,which you do anyways.
Take the reviews with a grain of salt,and dont deposit using a broker wich does agressiv marketing,like calling many times telling you what to do etc.,these need money,and for a reason !!

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You are too honest.
Tell Transferwise that you moved back to NL and order the card.
I also have and
It can be that things changed, but non of these 3 companies ever asked me for a proof of addresses.
N26 gives a card valid for 5 years, the others are only valid for 3 years.


Well,nobody likes to lie,right?What you refer to is I think the thin,and wise approach,of giving the data you need to get what you want,and not giving the data which prevents you from getting it.
We cannot tell you what you need to do exactly in this forum ,only giving you some hints how to avoid trouble : )


It’s a small lie :wink:
I think they do not send cards to all countries because they do not have a license to operate in these countries. All you do is bypass the bureaucracy. The company itself will not be harmed, and I don’t think they mind either.
I know, it is still a lie, but it’s a small one :wink:

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Yes. I 've been called too honest before :upside_down_face:. And I think it’s a crazy world if you only get things done by lying… Thanks for the info, though, good to know. :pray:

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Transferwise now asks for proof: something like an electricity bill with my name on it. So there’s no way around it…

Yes, if you are changing your address they will always ask for proof.

Bank statements should be OK, which is often easier to provide than utility bills (you may be able to update the address of another bank account you have).

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Yes, and changing my bank account address also requires proof. So they’ve got every loophole covered :slight_smile: