Anonymous prepaid credit(debit)cards?

A few years ago I used 3V-cards.
Than I used prepaid MasterCards, which supported upto E 250,- for each card.
Recently I used pay2d, but early this year they reduced payment limit to E 50,- which made this card practically unusable.
Is there today an anonymous prepaid credit(debit)card ?
Perhaps an USA-card that can be bought from europe ?

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Hiya @LittleCoin

This is a difficult situation for these prepaid cards. Either they have not met the privacy concerns, as they are no anonymity, or they have a high loading and using fee, or they don’t operate for all countries residents. I’ve been looking for a while and I couldn’t find myself. It was nice if a card company that meet the criteria I mentioned would be available.

Best of luck

I am using Stack with high payment limits, no FX and no ATM charges (on their side). I’ve loaded over a $1000 at a time on the card. It functions as a pre-paid MasterCard.

@greghenke20 As I mentioned in topposting, a few years ago it was possible to buy a prepaid mastercard like a giftcard, in a bookstore shop, fully anonymously (when you paid with cash). A Stack account,like the one you are using, requires registration with personal info and will be using the info from your smartphone (read the fine print conditions), so this is definitely not anonymously.