When is the SEF GV application locked-in and grandfathered?

Our lawyer submitting the primary investor SEF application and we paid the DUC 13 days ago but the portal is still saying “Awaiting Payment Confirmation.” Our lawyer confirmed we paid correctly and our bank confirmed payment is sent. Our lawyer is saying this is normal but we’re getting worried given the impending law change.

When in the application process is the GV application locked-in and grandfathered under the existing law?

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I don’t think this will be written in a law.
My take is that your application will be safe as soon as the status turns to “Em Analise”.

For the DUC payment, I had to chase mine but it was at the final approval stage so I emailed to the corresponding SEF Office.
I would do the same in your case though, just email the central office of SEF, not the generic SEF Contact Center email which never responds (or they respond late with semi-auto response).