Why you need Curve and how to get it now

You’re right Ian, to a certain extent. Curve recently launched their Dynamic MCC system (which I’ve now updated the article to reflect), which passes along more information to your bank or CC issuer. Depending on how your bank codes the transaction, they might add their regular ATM or cash advance fees.

EDIT: Actually, it seems many credit card issuers actually don’t charge you for ATM withdrawals through Curve, even after the changes went live. Below is the data I’ve been able to gather so far.

List of banks NOT charging ATM/cash advance fees:

  • N26 (EU), withdrawals are coded as Insurances & Finances, not ATM.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve (US), withdrawals are coded as Uncategorized, no cash advance fee/interest added, earns points (1x)
  • Barclaycard Arrival Plus (US), coded as POI Funding Transaction, no fees/interest charged, earning points (2x)
  • HSBC credit card (UK), according to HFP reader
  • Creation credit cards (UK), according to HFP

In addition, it’s still useful for banks who only charge for ATM withdrawals in other currencies or outside Europe (e.g. ActivoBank).

List of banks charging such fees:

  • Tesco Bank Credit Card (UK) charging 2.95% cash advance fee, according to HFP reader

Please respond if you have additional data points. :bowing_man: