Will you apply Portugal Golden Visa knowing what you know today?

hey @ohbee, you seem to be one of the few people who went the cultural route for your GV. Any chance you could share the details of your path and timelines? (can’t send you a DM, too new here).

I understand your road has been long and bumpy, would love to hear anything you could share. Thank you!

Applied in Sept 2022 I believe. Gave 250k to a museum that never emails me back.

Highly recommend choosing a refundable path.


I would not apply for a Portuguese GV today if I knew then what I know now. Two and a half years of waiting for what should have been a 6-9 month process is way too long, and first SEF and now the AIMA show few signs of reducing the backlog.

Since I applied in 2021,the government’s policy changed to give GV applicants the lowest priority, leaving those of us who have made substantial investment in the country and who have moved here in legal limbo with no end in site.

Take my advice: do not fall for the promises and optimistic time frames. Say no.


I do want to point out that while I would not recommend that anyone use the GoldenVisa route, it doesnt mean that I do not love my life here in Portugal. If it hadnt been for the D7 process being shut down due to Covid, I would have applied for the D7 and had my residence card years ago.

My anger with the Portuguese government is over the shoddy way they are treating GV applicants who, after having made a substantial investment in the country, are being left in legal limbo for years while other types of visas, including the D7 and the digital nomad visas are being processed and awarded in a matter of months.

Do not be fooled! If your objective is to obtain an EU passport and dont intend on actually living here, you will likely face years of waiting, waiting, waiting with no guarantee when, or even if you will get that passport.

If you want to live here you will face years of not being able to get a driving license or a bank loan, not be able to legally travel anywhere in the Schengen zone or even register for the health system.
Your paperwork will be in a black hole.

What is the most discouraging part of living in legal limbo is that there is no end in sight.


Never ever…