Wise money transfers USA to Thailand

Does anyone have experience using their Wise account while living in a foreign country? I have a wise account and have been transferring to my Bangkok bank account while residing in the USA. my concern is the two part verification to log into wise. I will no longer have my U.S. phone number for two part verification. I can’t find a work around with wise online.

@athome05 , Wise account is supposed to be usable from anywhere you are on Earth, as long as you have an Internet connection. Yes Wise has 2-factor authentication but you could change your phone number with Wise to whatever country code (e.g. if you will end up in Bangkok and have a Thai cell number) - unless someone smarter than me in this forum tells me they won’t allow Thai cell numbers. And I believe not long ago they allowed WhatsApp authentication too (so you could sign up for WhatsApp using whatever phone number, including your soon-to-be-disconnected US number).

Thanks for your input. I am still trying to find a work around via using my email instead of U.S. phone number.

I’ve been living out of the U.S. continuously for the last 15 years. Before leaving, I got a U.S. phone number through Google Voice. That has been my telephone number for authentications, and it works well. When I’m back in the U.S. and get a prepaid card, I forward it to my Google Voice number.

Thanks for the advice.

I live in Portugal.
I authenticate with Google Authenticator. Not only do I not need a phone number, but Google Authenticator is much more secure than SMS based authentication.

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I will look into that, thanks

Hey l am interested to join but am living in Germany it’s possible to use the Visa card in Germany ?