Writing & marketing ebook

Hello. I started my first ebook writing and wanted to ask when i finish it how can i secure it so nobody can dublicate or to sell without me? Second question promoting. I build postfix mail server system on unix for sending clients mails with the book i will create in future this is the best strategy to sell right or i can ask for help from marketing companies as publisher aswell if so what serious company you could suggest? Thanks

Hi Inf,

I have experience selling ebooks on three platforms, sorted from most recent:

Clickbank is kinda scammy in my experience but it was the first easy-to-use platform (back in 2006). My book was definitely stolen/reposted from there but in hindsight I probably should’ve let that happen as the book was filled with affiliate links.

Gumroad works well and I continue to sell a book there, as well as Amazon. Gumroad is definitely more niche. Amazon has the biggest reach, obviously.

My advice is to assume your book will escape its confines and plan accordingly. That’s not such a bad thing if the book raises your profile and/or can upsell to other goods or services.

Best wishes!

Ok, thank you, i will try Gumroad and Amazon. Now i’m just writing it but when i will be needed to secure book and protect content it will be the hardest part becouse i dont have expierence in it.