2022 New Start

For anyone who has been trying to get done in 2021 and won’t make the deadline, or doesn’t think they’ll make the deadline, I’m curious what you’re thinking of doing in 2022. I had everything ready to go, except the lawyers took lost a month in October getting my some of the logistics taken care of, and it appears that it’s too late to finish the fund transfer and have the registration completed by the bank.

I’m starting this threat with the hope there’s some insight about what next steps to take, if any.

You can always invest in commercial real estate at 280k euros which isn’t affected by the 2022 changes (even if the property is located in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve). I’ve proceeded with Mercan Properties and they have a few ongoing projects you can look at.

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Keep doing what you were doing before and just put more into the fund?

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Joining the community here as newbie and looking for new start in 2022. I must say this forum is treasure trove of extremely important and helpful insights and all thanks to @tkrunning and his supporting cast led by @jb4422. I’m as curious as @brw too what others can share about what their fund interests are for 2022. I’m hoping @tkrunning can tell us if there will be new fund options added to his list here or if anyone has new fund information that we can look into. I’m hoping to find a few VC/PE funds that will look into investing in technology.

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Portugal Gateway, Shilling, and Indico all invest in technology and have some kind of Golden Visa compliant fund.