280k GV pre-aprroved fund options other than Mercan?

I’d like to make a fund investment at the 280k rehab level. Is Mercan the only fund offering this? The project should be pre-approved.

there are a few others but they come and go and a couple might be fly-by-nights/not-entirely-kosher. Excellium used to have one. they’re all about the same deal one way or the other.

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I’m not aware of any either - it’s Mercan or an individual specific property rehabilitation in a qualifying area at the €280K level.

For what it’s worth, on a zoom call yesterday Jerry Morgan of Mercan said interest in their investments has been going up with the upcoming 2022 changes in the GV program. Could be just sales talk, but I believe it. I think Mercan claimed that half of the rehabilitation GV applications are via Mercan.

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