Global Citizen Solutions vs. Mercan

I have heard a lot about Mercan on this site. Their funds seem to be some of the most popular, especially for the 350k and 280k renovation projects.

Global Citizen Solutions (GCS) also seems to have a promising offering. But as far as I can tell GCS does a “full service” package where they help you select a fund (maybe Mercan or somebody else) or your own real estate, and then helps you with due diligence and guides you through the rest of the process. While Mercan provides a similar level of service but only for people investing in the Mercan funds.

Can anyone who’s worked with these companies confirm? Is my understanding accurate or are there additional details I’ve missed about either company?

Mercan doesn’t offer funds. Their customers actually buy the hotels and lease it back to Mercan to operate, until the customers receive their GV and Mercan buys their share back.

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