Alternate temporary investment options in Portugal when money is sitting in your bank account as the interest rate in banks is negligible

Hello, I am looking to apply for golden visa by investing in real estate in the 350k program.

I am from India and although I haven’t finalized a property yet in Portugal, I had to transfer funds and keep in my account in Portugal due to having a transfer limit of 250k usd per financial year in my country.

I was wondering if there are any alternate temporary investment options before I finalize a property, as keeping money in the bank account is giving negligible return.

Also does being a non-resident allow you to make these kind of investment and how will the tax structure work.

And lastly, the profits if any, can they be used towards the golden visa.

Thank you.


Hello Karim,

There are a few other ways, but I have to share the contact details, which I am not sure It is allowed to share here. PM me if you are interested.

Kourosh Maheri

Hello. I would appreciate your input on this. Thank you.