American and Friends PT Invitation Inquiry

Does anyone know typically how long it takes for this FB group to accept new members? I noticed some posts around here referencing their helpful files & documents.

I’m just worried that since I created an FB account expressly for the purpose of joining this group that invitation into this group could be based on some factors that are unknown to me.

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it’s generally quite fast. it probably is because you have no FB history at all.

Hmm, well that’s a conundrum. I’m not a fan of FB, being a data privacy advocate.

I did mention in the group invite request form that I created the FB account solely for joining the group… Oh well. While I do understand the need for caution, spam/solicitation avoidance, etc. I have my own personal preferences I need to attend to as well.

Guess when I do finally submit my d7 visa application; I’ll just cross my fingers and :pray:

I’m in the exact same situation: I’ve attempted twice to join Americans & Friends PT but have gotten no reply whatsoever, presumably because I joined the rightfully-despised FB solely to join the group.