Any news on the lawsuit against SEF?

There was the story that came out in August of the British investor who won a suit against SEF for delays to his biometrics appointment. SEF was ordered to do the biometrics within a short period of time. Since then, i havent seen any news.
Does anyone know whether SEF actually did the appointment? Are they dragging it out or appealing it? Have others won similiar suits?


For those still interested in similar news, the attached (in Portuguese) may be of interest.
Golden Visa Delays lead foreign investors to sue the State to obtain a simple SEF appointment - and they win : Vistos gold. Atrasos levam investidores estrangeiros a processar o Estado para conseguir um simples agendamento no SEF. E vencem - CNN Portugal.


63 Portugal Golden Visa Investors have Sued the Government Over Delays: 18 Have Won So Far


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