Anyone considering Palácio do sal with The Lakhani Group?

I’m considering Palácio do sal with The Lakhani Group. Wonder if anyone is also investing with them. Thanks!

This wasnt in my list but thanks for sharing. I just looked it up. A couple of my thoughts for you to consider based on my initial read of what I found online. Seems like they started construction in June 2019 and plans to start operating in March 2024. Seems like a long time for a rehab property to me. Are they not operating partially at this time? Is there a delay? How many investors do they need and do they have them lined up? Not sure about the Developer track record. Seems they offer 2% yield - that seems low comparative to others but definitely better than the 0% yield that Mercan offers for 280k investments. When will they provide the upfront 30k yield back to you? Immediately, after 30 days, 1 year? Will the authorities consider the 30k upfront and lowering your investment from the 280k required threshold? How solid is their buyback? What options exist if they dont do a buyback?

I am sure you have a good lawyer and have done your due diligence but thought I would share my thoughts if it helps. Feel free to DM me if you would like my personal views on anything.


Hi there. Im also at the final stages of discussion with them and would be great to compare notes. DM if interested