Anyone in SF Bay Area last weekend of October? 👋

For the first time since pre-Covid I’ll be back in the San Francisco Bay Area at the end of the month… If anyone happens to be there at that time I’d love to meet up!

If several people are interested we could try to get together at the same time/place, otherwise I’m happy to meet up individually as well!

Time: My schedule is quite open (especially on Saturday and Sunday), but ideally not too late in the evening since I’ll likely be pretty jet-lagged. See update below!

Location: Whatever works for everyone. I’m staying near Half Moon Bay, so anywhere on the peninsula (from SF to SJ) is OK with me! See update below!

If you’re interested, please reply below (and select Interested or Going above) and we’ll try to get together!

hes headed to the Ritz!!

Quick update:

A handful people have messaged me directly now, so we’ll be a group of people meeting in downtown Palo Alto on Sunday afternoon (likely around 3-4 pm).

I’ll also do Saturday afternoon in the city. We’re only two confirmed for that time, so would be great if more people would like to join!

Exact locations/times are still TDB. If either approximate time/place works for you, please message me and I’ll add you to a group DM for the location you’re interested in so we can coordinate there!

And no, @ohbee, unfortunately I’m not staying at the Ritz. Just checked and it starts at $3,500 for the three nights I’m in town… :sweat_smile: I don’t think I’ll ever see the point of paying that kind of money for a hotel room!

This meeting is a great to start knowing each other physically and share ideas among others. Waooooo!!!.

Those of us who wouldn’t be able to attend are with you though

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Ok, so we’ve got a time and place for both days:

San Francisco: Saturday October 28 at 2 pm at Zeitgeist (199 Valencia St)

Palo Alto: Sunday October 29 at 3 pm at Blue Bottle (456 University Ave)

We’re already a handful of people going for each one, but the more the merrier! If you want to join, just send me a PM and tell me which one you want to join, and I’ll add you in the relevant group.

Hi Thomas – just seeing this and unfortunately not able to come either day. Are you still in town on Monday? If not I will definitely see if I can make it when you’re out next. I did have a quick question – wondered if you can point me in the direction (either to a thread or an actual firm) of a Portuguese tax accountant for any necessary Portuguese filings after Stage 2 approval. Hope your trip goes well! All best

Bummer. Just seeing this. Hopefully you had fun at Zeitgeist and the contact high was not too bad.