Applications After 16 February 2023

Hi Everyone,
I opened this new topic to discuss about the end of the Portugal GV program. And hear from those who like mw have submitted their application after the announcement by the Portuguese PM of the decision on 16 February 2023.

My lawyer submitted my application today March 21st, 2023.
I paid for the investment on January and have the property deed established in February 5th.

On the Internet, you can read absolutely everything and its exact opposite somewhere else.

Most of the legal advisors tend to say it is unconstitutional to apply a law retroactively. Others state that the Ministery of Habitation in Portugal has warned that any application past the 16 February will be set aside and not considered towards the GV. Your next move will likely be driven by your risk appetite, I myself chose to go ahead and submit the application, counting solely on my luck to back me up.

Are you still willing to risk your money and submit your application knowing that you may be rebooted? YES or No, What are your thoughts?

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