Will our 2021 GV application be grandfathered under current law in 2022?

Greetings, Nomads. First, massive thank you to this active community. I have spent hours here learning about Portugal’s GV and the investment fund options. We have engaged an attorney through a friend of a friend (Brazilian couple who got their GV with his support). We’re aware of the recent changes to the law and that in January 2022, the threshold for investment funds would increase to Euro 500k.

This attorney, whom we trust just fine, said as long as our application was submitted in full by December 31, 2021, the current threshold of Euro 350k (investment fund) would be honored even if our application isn’t reviewed until after the law revision takes effect. Before we go through the process of gathering the financing, hiring the attorney, etc., I’d like to see where it says in the regulations that we will be “grandfathered in” under the 2021 thresholds as long as our application is accepted by Dec 31, 2021.

Any advice? Apologies if this is posted elsewhere, but I couldn’t find any discussion about this specific topic.

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