Article 116

Article 116 ā€“ Residence Permit for holders of long-term residence status in another EU Member State ā€“ The Official Website of Portuguese Immigration (

For those non-EU citizens that have an EU long term residence card in another EU country, it appears that SEF is discussing a method of exchanging the card for a Portuguese equivalent.

Does anyone have any information, guidance or experience of this process please?

Would it apply to retirees?

Thank you.

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I have seen this mentioned at the EU level
The proposal also aims to strengthen the rights of long-term residents and their family members. This includes the right to move and work in other Member States
So good to see its being considered at a practical implementation level by SEF

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mmm excluding (most?) GV holders by requiring time-in-country:

a person who has lived legally in an EU country for an uninterrupted period of five years, can obtain the status of long-term resident.

next, i predict your PT passport will only allow freedom of movement if you have spent five consecutive years in the country of issuance.

There have already been legal cases back in the day where e.g. Spain didnā€™t want to let in Argentinians with Italian passports (by distant descent), and the EU said it didnā€™t matter how they got the Italian citizenship, Spain has to honor their treaty rights.

So what you say is unlikely as it goes against legal precedent.


With the ongoing immigration issues in the EU, I am not sure I would count on precedentā€¦

Well sure the EU could dissolve. Just saying that as long as the EU and its freedom of movement exists, non-discrimination of EU citizens is a pretty core part of that.