Bank account abroad

Hello everyone! I’m planning to open a bank account abroad (in Poland), but I don’t know anything about all the rules, rates and if actually a non-citizen can open a bank account etc., so I want to find a specialist who can guide me. Is it possible to find a good company or specialist online who I can trust?

You’re looking for a lawyer in Poland - they should be able to answer all your questions and help you set up an account.

Hi Emily, when it comes to bank opening a specialist probably can’t do too much to help. Sure, they can introduce you to a banking representative who is a bit more open minded, but overall the bank will still be assessing the risk that you (or your company, if you’re opening in that name) represent.

Personally I’d spend more time trying to find out which banks are most likely to open to non-residents and then finding the contact within those banks who regularly deals with these individuals.