Can I order NIF while waiting to finalize lawyers

I’m still finalizing lawyer and funds. While I’m doing that, can I go ahead and order NIF using Will it cause even more delay when I hire a lawyer?

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I don’t think it would hold anything up. Your lawyer would have to apply for you, so you may speed things up. Mine charged a lot more to be tax rep so I applied thru Bordr while I got my ducks in a row.

Should be fine. Just discuss with lawyer when you hire. May be a way to save $. Just tell them you expect discount bc they don’t need to do that piece. Has worked for some.

I applied through bordr. They are saying that it will take a month. Is this reasonable?

June is when people in Portugal generally file tax returns. I understand NIF applications are indeed running behind schedule. But, I do not think you need a NIF to apply, as I have just managed to do so without one, but you need one before pre-approval decision is made. You can update/upload the number once you have it before then.

Hope that saves you some time!

Hi Christopher
How did the NIF go how long did it take?



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Still pending. Submitted on June 7. Last week there was also a national holiday which slowed things down. Bordr has been good communicating. Hopefully by week’s end? As you know things really slow down in summer in EU.

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I got mine. It only took 5 days


I signed the power of attorney to Bordr on 21/5, they confirmed submission 23/5, NIF number received 01/06, Finanças password received 16/6.
I suppose it depends if staff at Finanças are on holidays or not.

It seems like is no longer accepting any new applications for NIF. Anybody knows what is happening ?

From Bordr?

I got in touch with Bordr to get some more information. The tax office they were working with stopped accepting new applications due to a backlog which was caused by recent national holidays in Portugal and a surge of tax returns to process. Bordr has set up a partnership with an additional tax office and they hope to be back up and running to process new NIF orders latest by next week.

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Thanks Hanna for the information. is accepting new NIF orders again. If you want, you can use our code “NOMADGATE” and get $10 off the price.

I heard that bordr isn’t taking more NIF or taking over a month. I used and they were quite fast. It’s true that with Covid things got very slow

How fast were they, and how much do they charge?

They charge 135€ for the NIF, they were really fast, 7 days from sending them the Power Attorney signed

They deal with way more things like D7 Visa, NHR, startup Visa, any situation really. You are in thy help people to move to Portugal basically.

They helped us to get a flat and they bills sorted even before we moved to Lisbon in April . We had everything we need when we arrived.

Now, we are about to get our NHR :slight_smile: was super fast and got my NIF in 4 days. Great service.

That is great to hear, I thought you said they were not taking NIFs anymore