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Hi to this interesting Community , so much interesting I am Pat from Ireland working in Shanghai , temporarily in Lisbon and looking to retire to Lisbon with family next year, if I could only get a temporary NIF without having to pay a local agent !! COVID is making it nigh impossible.

nifonline is inexpensive and works fine.

Re problem of getting NIF in Portugal as non resident
With everything still very slow in public service

Thanks so much for sharing. nif

It was fast and easy and cost 73 euros and estimated to take 20 days

Thanks a million / nif online costs only 73 euros and was easy to complete, takes about 20 days according to their webpage

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were you able to get the NIF back from them in that time frame? I applied May 4th through NIFonline and they are still “processing”. Any inquiries I have sent they have responded with “do not have expedited services”

I tried these guys

Cost 70 euros

Got this mail after about 4 weeks

To me
We forwarded the attached Letter / Declaration.

You must sign the same as the identification document you sent us and upload it to the system ( In the Send your documents field, upload the requested file.
Group thanks you for your preference.

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