Credit cards that I can apply and get in Europe outside country of nationality/passport(UK)?


Which credit cards I can apply and get outside of the country of nationality/passport(UK)? e.g. How to get a credit card in Euro with zero bank transfer in fee and zero pos-point/spending-in-shops fee? I don’t need an unsecured credit card, just secured credit cards are enough until meeting the two conditions I mentioned.

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Did you try HSBC?

Hiya @Phillip_Milano

Do you mean UK HSBC branch? or HSBC branches across Europe and about? Can I ask any of HSBC branches in Europe and about to open a credit card for me just by a copy of my passport (and if required proof of address in Europe)?

I’m looking for secure credit cards, that I pay the full amount monthly and they don’t charge me any fee for bank wire transfer in(in EUR), not a transaction and nor other fees(e.g. free use on POS and online shopping) preferred?


There are always the American Express International Currency Cards.

They are issued in the UK but available in Euro and USD. Also they are charge cards so must be paid off each month. The basic one has no membership fee.

These cards have a slightly convoluted application process involving certifying passports and proof of address. I think they are easy enopugh to get, especially if you have an AmEx already.

I have a use for a Euro card but never got around to applying just bacuse of the incoveneience of the application process. The form is simple, just the faff of certifying stuff.


Thanks. But as I read their website, there are no ‘fee’ statements anywhere, thus I don’t know if bank wire transfer in is free of charge, also spending in POS and shops and online does involve any fee or not? It’s just mentioned there is no membership fee only. Also its written in their website ‘International Currency Card products are only available to existing American Express customers with more than six months of membership’. ?