Dixcart Reviews - For Golden Visa Process

Hi Guys,

Considering moving forward with Dixcart to initiate our Golden Visa process. Wondering, if anyone has used them before and how has your experience been?

P.S: Feel free to PM me if you do not feel comfortable sharing a public review.


Would also appreciate this info if you wouldn’t mind sharing what you have, thanks!

Hi @consultant2b @nikessng - did either of you end up using Dixcart? Did you have a good experience? We’re considering working with them too.

Relatively large multinational firm with a good reputation. Very expensive for the golden visa process relative to some smaller firms.

I have been working with them for quite some time as my golden visa process was not very straightforward due to personal reasons. They were extremely flexible in accommodating my requests and also very professional and proactive in their approach. Yes, maybe they are a bit on the expensive side but I have been very happy with them so I can definitely recommend.

Also interested in this.

Sorry for the delayed response guys.

I almost went with them and then switched just before the contract signing. The initial call was nice and very informative, but I saw a pattern where:

  1. Emails were often responded in 2-3 days, even for simple queries.
  2. If I sent 3-4 questions, in an email, a couple would always be missed.

Even when I wanted to send the payment there was a delay in responses and it made me feel, it could only get worse post-payment, so I decided to switch. I was also told that the person I would be dealing with, post-sales, would be different and I had no access to them in the initial phase, so I wasn’t sure how it would work out. I did compare quite a few law firms, and wouldn’t say they were expensive though, relative to some of the other firms. In terms of size, they are more of a mid-sized firm.

I went with more of a solo-lawyer and she has been great so far. Fast responses and always available via WhatsApp for any quick queries, so quite happy that I switched.


I have this problem at work and private groups and so far in the Golden Visas process with Legal/Bank/etc.

Sometimes (outside Golden Visa) I have gone as far as a shared spreadsheet/doc (e.g. google docs) with my Q’s/tasks so I can assign them each as “closed/accepted”. Basically email is too useless for project management but this is too small for a project management tool.


do you mind sharing the information with the immigration agency that you currently working with to obtain golden visa?

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Sure will PM you.

Hello, I’m also interested in who you are using if you don’t mind sharing the information. Thanks.

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Would you mind sharing more about the law firm you ended up moving forward with?

Hi there - would you mind sharing the information with me too?

Thanks much.