Documentation for SEF appointment

Hi guys,

I have a very simple question. I have already got an appointment for a residence permit in Santarem and anxiously waiting for the date. However, Santarem is quite far from me, and I would love to go there without a hitch. I tried to call the numbers posted in the website but one number has a persistent engaged tone, another number is just completely silent after dialing and other numbers where nobody picks up the phone. So, I’m hoping that the helpful community here has the answer to my question.

So, my question is: Do I need to print all forms (I do know they have a standard form and also the permission to check criminal backgrounds) and fill them in beforehand? I really don’t want to turn up at my appointment and brushed away because of a simple mistake like not having enough documentation. And if I do need to fill them in beforehand, where can I get the forms because the form in their website cannot be downloaded.

Thank you guys in advance.