Feedback about Golden Ticket Investments, the Golden Visa agency in Portugal

Hi guys,
As I have been benchmarking several agencies for my GV, I ended up working with Golden Ticket Investments and I must say that the service was quite good.
I had the choice for the lawyer I want to work with and they did not force me to work with any of theirs.
And a little plus, they only take an application fee that will be refundable later, and no commission.
What is the agency you worked with and why?

Thank you guys,


Nomad Gate staff has found that the above review was posted by Charlie Maggi, the owner of Golden Ticket Investments.

We will now lock this thread, but will leave it public as a warning for anyone who searches for the company in future. This is in accordance with our policy (see our terms of service) of naming and shaming unserious companies that attempt to use Nomad Gate to post fake reviews about themselves or encourage others to do so.