Experience with MFG Consultants?

Hi everyone I’m new here.

Thinking about the GV program and ran into MFG Consultants through an internet search. Has anybody dealt with them for the GV? If so, how would you rate your experience?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Jamher,

You might want to read a bit in this thread:


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If I were running a business I would simply make sure my clients were happy

But I suppose I’m just Built Different

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I’m going to lock this thread due to the number of rule-breaking posts/fake reviews we usually see when this company is discussed on the forum. It simply takes up too much of our time to police this.

Still, we don’t want to censor any legit reviews. If you do have any experiences with them that you would like to share and that you can prove are true, please send me a direct message and I’ll review it prior to posting.