Experience with MFG Consultants?

Hi everyone I’m new here.

Thinking about the GV program and ran into MFG Consultants through an internet search. Has anybody dealt with them for the GV? If so, how would you rate your experience?

Thanks in advance!


Hello Jamher,

You might want to read a bit in this thread:



If I were running a business I would simply make sure my clients were happy

But I suppose I’m just Built Different

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I’m going to lock this thread due to the number of rule-breaking posts/fake reviews we usually see when this company is discussed on the forum. It simply takes up too much of our time to police this.

Still, we don’t want to censor any legit reviews. If you do have any experiences with them that you would like to share and that you can prove are true, please send me a direct message and I’ll review it prior to posting.

Hi Thomas,

I thought I would give you my feedback on MFG whom I first contacted in January before finding this website and reading the comments about their online shenanigans. I scheduled a zoom interview with them. We then interviewed 3-4 other groups, including Mercan directly and a couple of others I met through this forum. For some reason, I found the MFG folks the most direct, friendly, easy to understand and very responsive. They have a lawyer that works with them whom I also interviewed (and verified her credentials on the Portuguese bar website). It took them a very long time to do the basics like NIF and bank account but i could see from this forum that that is hit and miss and can depend on how difficult banks are with documents etc. So I don’t fault them directly for that. I chose to go with Mercan as they offered that as an investment. They helped me interview Mercan and gave pretty good advice about the different investment options. I met a different person through MFG at Mercan and liked her a lot too. They successfully got me the deed.

I am now collecting the apostille and background checks and they are going to do the application for me, so I will have more feedback on that phase. I don’t know how many times MFG has done things on this forum, and I was very hesitant once I read what I had done, but I tend to trust my gut and my gut liked them a lot and so far my only complaint is the delay in getting the NIF…but it was unclear if they had any control over that at all. They always respond within a couple of days or sooner. For the NIF/Bank Account and Deed through Mercan I would rate them a solid A- (the minus only because they made me resend some documents a few times, which was a little irritating and they are a little sloppy on some details). So, I thought I would pass along my feedback.