Is La vida golden visa is a legit company? Anyone has experience with them?

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if any of you have experience with La vida golden visa company to help you applying for Portugal golden visa?


Hi, They basically work as a referral agent to companies like Mercan. They were entirely professional but once we chose Mercan from their list of investments and put in touch with Mercan lawyers we haven’t had further needs to communicate.

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Essentially, yes, they seem to be legit. However there may not be much benefit of using them rather than going direct to the property developers and you’re likely to save money that way, too.

La Vida is an agent and not a law firm. If you engaged with La Vida they will take a comission from the developer you choose and deliver your case to internal lawyers of the developers. The tricky part is that if something goes wrong with the development won’t be their internal lawyer taking any action to protect your interests. It is always better to hire an independent lawyer to take care of your case and do a proper DD to the development which internal lawyers of the developer don’t do for sure

Yeah, that is the honest truth but unfortunately some of us have already gone into it halfway. What do we do now going forward because we are already victims of circumstances. Just because we wanted to beat the deadline.

Any advice will serve a good purpose since all is not lost and also the adage better late than never

Completely understand the issue! I’ll still recommend you engaging an unbiased lawyer to continue your process. You have the right to change your lawyers whenever you want.
I’ve already recommend the lawyer who took care of my permit process and my sister’s. Her name is Carla Gameiro—you can PM me for phone number.

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