La Vida Company (Portugal golden visa)

Hello, I’m looking into the golden visa program in Portugal and am wondering if anyone has had experience with La Vida’s 350k property investment plan. Please let me know.

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Hi Anne,
There is not a “La Vida’s 350k€ property investment plan”, what is in place in Portugal is a Golden visa legislation in Portugal that allows a 30% reduction in the qualifying limit through investment in buildings which are over 30 years old and in need of renovation work, located in urban rehabilitation area and, in addition, rehabilitation works are carried out in the acquired property
La Vida is only a company who works in various countries and I believe work as a real estate company.
I’m a Portuguese citizen, and I have two properties that are elegible for the Golden Visa, one situated at the beach near Lisbon, in tourist operation, with a very good annual gross income - elegible for the 500k€ program, and other, situated in the center of Portugal, in very nice small town, in a urban rehabilitation area, elegible for the 350k€ program (but the property will need more investment). If you want any other information, please send me a private email ( .

Hi Anne

From my experience with La Vida, it seems that they are a real estate company who has a limited supply of €350k investment properties and this supply changes throughout the year. They do have a portfolio of properties that qualify. They seem to have a lot of experience with the Golden Visa process and the government approved €350k properties and have so far given me good advice. I have not started any process with them but have asked a few general questions and advice and they were helpful and not pushy. Let me know how it goes for you and if anyone else on the forum has any advice or experience that would be great.