Free Credit Card or online Bank account

Hi, I live in Iran and Because US. boycot on Iran banking system I cant use pay pal or mastercard. In teh case you know any free international account, let me know.

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That is suspicious, and could be interpreted as you initiating a scam. Please share with all of us the website of this service, either here or in the Private Lounge category if you would be more comfortable.

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You will need to get a non-Iranian passport if you want to be able to use the global financial system easily.

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Would an Estonian e-residency work?

I have similar inquiry, but not restricted to Iran boycott.

Does someone suggest any account/online trading platform that offers the features below:

  • US dollar indexed (or major currency)
  • accept deposit/transfer from third parties into my personal account
  • offers international credit/debit card
  • no US or EU residency/citizenship required

Transferwise does have all features except for debit card for Brazil, yet.


Your questions have answers. Please send me a private message. I do that professionally for years. Thank you.