Health Insurance for the Disabled

I have a disability… What is the best health insurance provider for me?

What do you mean by “best”?

In which country do you intend to use this insurance?

And in this case it’s probably necessary to know which type of disability because they will be treated differently (for example based on whether it’s possible for them to worsen).

I intend to use the insurance for global travel.


Are you travelling for a year or a shorter period? If you are looking for insurance for a year or more then you should be looking for an International Health Insurance provider. If it is for a shorter period then you would be better of getting some good quality Travel Insurance. If you PM me and let me know how long you are traveling I can tell which ones would be best for you.

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I am trying to build a trifecta Citizenship plan where I live in three different places in the world at a time and travel to nearby places from those three.