How can I drive from Spain to Portugal with the current restrictions at the border?

I’m an EU citizen and will be moving to Portugal next month.

I need to drive from Spain into Portugal but have seen there are restrictions on entry for non residents.

Could anyone recommend what government department I could call to find out how I can get through?

I will have my TIN and a 12 month lease all arranged by then but I’m not sure how I need to prove I am a resident of Portugal for the coming year to the border police.

Any help appreciated!

SEF is the borders and immigration department. Since they reduced staff because of COVID, calling them usually results in: 1) The phone rings several times, then silence; or 2) Hearing the Portuguese language automated menu.

SEF keeps it’s COVID FAQ updated.
Portugal’s current land border restrictions with Spain expire at midnight tonight. No idea what, if anything, they’ll be replaced with

The Prime Minister yesterday announced changes in the lockdown. One thing that didn’t change was " The border with Spain remains closed for the next 15 days."

@dancebert thanks for this, appreciate it :raised_hands:

I’ll have to try speaking with someone (the embassy maybe) to understand what I’ll need to get through the border. Hopefully it’s not too difficult.

@topicana you need a Visa with the rent contract will be enough