How likely is that the NHR benefit is revoked in the future?


I plan to move soon to Portugal and consulted a tax advisor about the NHR. One thing he mentioned is that I should always have a plan B because laws can change at any moment, especially if it’s not beneficial for the country anymore. This could potentially happen to the NHR, especially if the housing market keeps inflating or if the fiscal benefits for the country are not significant anymore. I’m of course not very fond of the idea to switch to the normal abusive taxation rules, especially by surprise.

My question is how likely is that the NHR gets revoked at some point in the future by the government. Thank you!

The chances of the NHR program ending for new appliants at some point I’m the future? Almost 100%—could be this year, could be in 30 years.

If you already have the tax status I would be very surprised if you wouldn’t be able to keep it for the 10 years it’s granted for, even if the program closes for new applicants. When they added 10% tax on pensions it only applied for those that applied from the following year, for example. Existing NHR holders continued under the previous rules.

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