How to open a N26 Bank account—from anywhere*


(Darren) #41

Got the card. Activated it in the app. IBAN number still being rejected by Deutsche Bahn. No response from N26 for the past 9 days. Not impressed and will very likely close the account.

(Jim) #42

Hey Darren, as I mentioned, I had a similar experience using my IBAN number in and got rejected, BUT I had more luck using the Mastercard that N26 sent. Either way, whether you're using IBAN or your Mastercard, the money comes out of the same account. Have you tried using your Mastercard on the Deutsche Bahn site?

(Jim) #43

Sorry to hear Darren, I know it sounds absurd. For me, an IBAN is an IBAN, so not sure what's going on there. I'm sure you've typed in the correct IBAN number (starts with 'DE' followed by 20-alphanumeric characters ... you could even try it without 'DE" and see what happens) and you have done enough Googling around to figure out how a typical German person could perform that simple DB transaction with their own bank account.

My challenge right now is I'm trying to recharge an Italian SIM card with my N26 account (either via the Mastercard, Maestrocard or a German Paypal linked to my N26 IBAN/Mastercard) and got authorization failure on all the above. Guess it's just something with the European banking system that isn't 100% seamless (and we Yanks take it for granted here!).

In any case, I'm really happy with N26 for other purpose, e.g. making Euro purchases locally from German websites, from sites like Vodafone,, etc etc. The real value I get is by having a German PayPal acct linked to my N26 (and therefore do not have to deal with IBAN etc).

(Thomas K. Running) #44

Hi Darren, have you tried to contact N26 via their in-app chat on the web? I've always received quick and helpful support that way :)

(Thomas K. Running) #45

Jim, what carrier are you trying to top up? Sounds like they might be blocking non-Italian cards, but for many carriers there are alternative ways of topping up :)

Also, don't get me started on the US banking system, talk about some third world crap 😆

(Darren) #46

Yep. The problem with the DB site for their new Flex card is that an IBAN is a required field. So even if I enter the MasterCard number for payment, I still have to enter the IBAN for SEPA Lastschrift. And that fails every time. Maybe it's a problem with DB and not with N26, but it sure is hard to believe there's much value to this account when they can't figure out how to work with one the country's largest vendors and their customer support leaves you hanging for close to 2 weeks now with no response. As the saying goes, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

(Adam) #47

I don't have residency in any of the supported countries. I can however acquire a mailing address (to receive the Mastercard).
I wonder if anyone with similar condition has managed to sign up.

(Farooq Ishaq) #48

Can Estonia E-residency be used for opening account?

(Thomas K. Running) #49

No, e-residency isn't an actual residency, and hence won't enable someone who would otherwise not qualify to open an account.

(Lux Aeterna) #50

Darren, could you explain a bit more about how you paired your smartphone for N26? Both a friend and I had trouble with Canadian phone numbers. We passed the video ID'ing. But when it came to pair up the smartphone with the app, the app would always crash. This wouldn't matter if we used our (Canadian) phone number, or change to a working German number. Obviously the entire time we kept our Canadian SIM cards plugged in. So I don't know. How did you manage to get the code from N26 and enter the code into your app? Did the app not crash for you?

(anon95942426) #51


I am currently residing in Turkey and have the Turkish passport. Do mailbox forwarding services also work like mailboxde? They give you a delivery address and then forward your mail to a country you choose.

(Mads Herluf) #52

Hi, Just signed up on N26, and quite exited. I was just asking their support about how it was working together with the Estonian E-residency: "We do not support the e-residency and it is not planned to add it yet.". So.. I wonder if N26 would work better with an Wyoming-based LLC? In my book, this would have potential, but I'd love some feed back on this

(Thomas K. Running) #53

Hi Mads,

N26 does not support any businesses, only personal use. They do support freelancers or self-employed, but not legal entities anywhere.


(Mads Herluf) #54

Hi T.K.
Thanks for the clarification. Appreciated.
All the best

(Millerslocal) #55

Hi - you mention being able to sign up using a friends address using c/o - does it give you this option when filling the address in? Or does it only have fields for Street name etc - if so how do we add the "care of" aspect so as to include a friends name?

(Thomas K. Running) #56

There's a second address line you can use for putting the C/O information https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

(Dan) #57

I'm planning to do exactly this. Do you think this is illegal, so can it have some serious consequences? (I'm Hungarian, but want to open account with a Finnish mailing address)

(Thomas K. Running) #58

Hi Stephan,

I think you'll be able to open the account without issue by using the German address you have access to. You shouldn't have to submit any supporting documents as address proof.

I'm not sure if tax residency outside EU will cause a problem, but I don't think so. The only reason they are asking for that is due to CRS compliance.

(Stephan) #59

If I live in the UK, but want a "German card" and have friends in Germany who will let me have the card deliverd to their address, how do I handle the Address information for me as all I have are UK address documents? Also I am tax resident outside the EU. Will that cause any issues?

(Thomas K. Running) #60

You can start receiving funds right away :)