How to open a N26 Bank account—from anywhere*


(P. E. ZINO) #61

Okay, because I linked it to my PayPal account but have not gotten any transaction from PayPal yet. That the 1£ deposit and the code sent as the transaction description

(P. E. ZINO) #62

do i need to fund my N26 acct to active it, before i can start receiving funds in it?

(Thomas K. Running) #63

Hi, have you looked at TransferWise borderless? It would depend on where exactly your clients are based, but could potentially fit the bill.

Another option that's easy to open for almost anyone is Leupay. It's not as good for spending, but you could receive payments there and then transfer it to N26 for spending.

I'm surprised you've been able to receive non-SEPA payments in the past. Perhaps N26 just want to discourage it due to costs.


(Apple Tea) #64

Thank you Tom for this helpful post!
I had been receiving payment to my N26 bank account from non-SEPA located clients(all the payments arrived within 3 business days), but this time for the first time, It's been 5 days and still hasn't reached here.
I know they don't support direct transfer outside from SEPA area, but it used to work.
I asked the N26 operator and they said nothing has changed and they can't track the payment.
I thought N26 would be the best option for a freelancer like me, but I was wondering if there is another bank that offers seamless transfer between non-SEPA and SEPA countries.
I live in EU, but I am not an EU nationality and I can't open a local bank account, so...

(Christoffer) #65

I am a resident of spain, if I make an account with N26 will I have a Spanish account number that I can use to sign up for differents things like gym membership, or will it be a German one?

(Thomas K. Running) #66

It'll be a German IBAN, but most likely your gym should accept that. They are not supposed to discriminate based on the country where the account is domiciled. SEPA is SEPA.

(Sander Sikkema) #67

So at the moment you get the question "In which country do you live?". You just fill in the country you want send your card to?

(Mauro Marchiori) #68

Hey guys, opened the card is set to expire on 2022, what happens after? How am i supposed to get the new card as ill no longer be in Germany?

(Thomas K. Running) #69

If at the time your card expires you're no longer living in Germany but rather another country where N26 then operates (they are planning on expanding to both the UK and the US soon, and probably a lot more countries by then) you can simply update your address with them to your current one.

If you happen to not currently have an address in any of the countries where they then operate you could always have the card delivered to a friend or other service provider and have them forward it for you. But lots of things can change in 5 years, so it might become even easier.

(Balint Erdi) #70

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but when I'm asked which country I reside in and I say "Hungary", I'm simply told that N26 is not available in Hungary yet and told to sign up to get notified when it will be.

How did you guys get past that step?

(Sarah Johnson) #71

How do I deposit money into the n26 account from Spain please as the Cash 26 app is only for Germany

(Thomas K. Running) #72

Hi Jay,

I'm not sure what you mean with "internal charges"? Their price list is available here: (just make sure to select the relevant country/region from the dropdown in the upper right part of the page)

There are no minimum or maximum deposits. It's a proper bank account and you can keep as little or as much money there as you'd like.

(Jay) #73

Hi Everyone,
What are the internal charges, all charges within these N26 accounts?

What's the minimum & maximum deposit?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

(Samuel Woditschka) #74

The same issue is for Czechia. I am not sure whether this article suggests to put there the EURo zone address (e.g. SK) and to deal with residency address over video only (as it is clear during the ID check).
Can anyone help here please?

(Samuel Woditschka) #75

I also cannot find the costs for SEPA transfers (outgoing). I expect incoming SEPA transfers to be free of charge.

(Thomas K. Running) #76

Both incoming and outgoing SEPA transfers are free of charge.

(Thomas K. Running) #77

They generally don't send much mail at all—only if you need a card replacement. All other communication is via email/app.

And do let me know if you find a bank in the Eurozone with lower prices... I'd love to know about it!

(Thomas K. Running) #78

What's your residency and nationality?

(Jay) #79

Hello everyone, Presently are there any other similar bank accounts to the N26 accounts?

Thanks Jay

(anon63954302) #80

N26 is absolutely great, I have an account in Europe and I ve heard is moving to the US the following months too. I will ditch my current bank and use only N26 from now onw!